“I tried putting my key on my lower right back (tailbone actually) yesterday around noon as I had LOTS to do…I would say within about 5 minutes I could FEEL a vast improvement with the pain!  I was impressed, pleased and excited about the way I felt!! After spending 3 1/2 HOURS on my feet doing food prep, my back was hurting again but not NEARLY as much as before so I was happy. I left the key on and slept all night…my back is still sore but not NEARLY as bad as it has been the past few weeks so again, I am impressed!

Thanks so much for the suggestion!  I AM A BELIEVER!!!!”



Some wonderful comments from Anna who loves her SUCCESS PENDANT:

As a woman with fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, my bloodwork for inflammation levels at diagnosis was dangerously high – about 20 times normal. My white blood cell count was as high as someone with leukemia. These autoimmune conditions had made my body full of pain 24/7. After medications and trying many treatments, we were not seeing results – my inflammation was still off the charts LITERALLY. Within 6 weeks of wearing my pendant I had more bloodwork done. All my inflammation levels were down to NORMAL RANGES! I thought I was dreaming. I can’t deny that my body has been in less pain – sometimes NO PAIN without the narcotic pain medications recommended to me. It is insane what the effects of EMF can do to your body. It is AMAZING that a product exists that can protect me so well! Success for sure! – Anna B. – California.

Successful results for Alana in dealing with a “mystery illness” that brought her near death!

In April of 2015, I flew down to California from Oregon to be treated for my “Mystery Illness” that caused me to lose 35 pounds in 9 months and experience a host of other debilitating symptoms.  The apartment building that I had lived in for one year had 47 Smart Meters installed in a utility room right below me.  My head and body felt like it was constantly buzzing and I could not get restful sleep.  At 97 pounds, I was on the brink of death and my labs were coming back showing extreme endocrine disruptions, low white blood cells counts and very high cortisol levels indicating adrenal exhaustion.  My doctor diagnosed me with EHS or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and referred me to Debbie Garcia, a Scalar Energy Expert.  Debbie came to my house for a consultation and had me put a pendant on.  Immediately I felt a shift!  The grounding aspect of the pendant created a complete energetic circuit so that I was no longer short-circuiting!  It was nothing short of amazing!  Eight months in and I have totally changed the destiny of my health.  My weight is now stable and at a healthy place and I have more energy than I know what to do with!  My labs are all normal and my body is healing and regenerating from the years of damage by electro-pollution!  I use scalar energy in my healing practice and my clients are loving the results.  This is a product that can and should be used by every member of your household, including pets.  It is a life-changer! – Alana S. – Oregon

“Thank you Debbie for helping me. I am relieved and excited that I can protect my family with these wonderful, beautiful products.” – Online Customer Review

“Debbie’s depth of knowledge on the subject matter was impressive. I appreciated the time she gave me, making sure I understood and got what I needed.” – Online Customer Review, Katarina L.