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Welcome to Scalar 4 Health!

Learn about scalar energy and protection from EMF.

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Welcome to Scalar4Health.com!

Quantum Shields nullify the harmful effects of EMF’s

Scalar Energy protects the bio-field and resonates at the cellular level. You can obtain protection and healing potential by wearing one of our Scalar Energy Products. The Quantum Shield nullifies the EMF’s (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) emitting from electronic devices by attaching a Quantum Shield to your cell phone,  iPad, laptop, microwave,  game console, TV or any device frequently used.


About Us

Scalar4Health is the U.S. Seller of the Authentic Japanese Technology “Scalar Energy” Quantum Science Products. We take pride in providing the authentic Japanese Quantum…

Scalar Energy Facts

What is Scalar Energy? Scalar Energy is created when two identical frequencies that come from opposite directions meet, a…

EMF Protection

What is EMF and why are some EMFs harmful? The term EMF stands for electromagnetic field. Everything, whether man-made…