About Us

Scalar4Health is the U.S. Seller of the Authentic Japanese Technology “Scalar Energy” Quantum Science Products.

We take pride in providing the authentic Japanese Quantum Science Products that allow our customers to enjoy greater energy, balance and strength. Our products are the result of exhaustive and comprehensive R & D done in collaboration with world-class experts. By utilizing the principals of energy medicine, scalar energy, bio-technology and nano-technology, Scalar4Health, Inc brings to the people high-end quality products that offer Optimum Health and Wellness.

About Debbie Garcia

Debbie Garcia is a Scalar Energy Wellness Expert, specializing in utilizing scalar energy products for healing and protection of the body’s bio-field from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation and frequencies.  After working in Corporate America for twenty-five years, she now teaches nationwide about what has become the “Asbestos of the 21st Century” – electric smog.

Having suffered from arthritis and severe neck and upper back pain for twenty years, Debbie went searching for an alternative solution to alleviate her symptoms, other than standard drug care.  After being introduced to scalar energy technology and becoming pain and drug free after two months, Debbie is now dedicated to helping people get and stay grounded, increase their stamina, endurance and strength, have increased energy and focus, and become “the best they can be”.  Her goal is to help people everywhere create optimal health for themselves and their loved ones.  She can be reached at Debbie@scalar4health.com.