Is Your Cell Phone Causing Your Male Infertility?

Did you now that your cell phone can cause MALE INFERTILITY? Sperm counts have decreased in half for the past 50 years and continue to fall. Right now, 7% of men worldwide are infertile and 45% are subfertile. Mobile phones appear to be the main source linked to these high numbers.

2011 research conducted by Dr. Ashok Agarwal and his colleagues at the Cleveland Clinic, conducted a study with over 300 men. They divided them into four groups; One that did not use a cell phone, one who used a cell phone two hours a day or less, one two to four hours a day, and one more than four hours a day. The men in the group using it more than four hours a day had a 40% lowe sperm count than those that didn’t use a cell phone.

In addition, Dr. Agarwal did a study in a laboratory setting where semen samples were separated into two groups; one receiving radiation equivalent to one hour of cell phone usage, and one not exposed to this radiation. The semen exposed to radiation showed “a significant decrease in perm mobility and viability”. Australian researchers have also conducted similar studies which the very similar results.

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